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The Sixteenth Day of Stitchmas

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

In the second half of the countdown to Christmas, we start drinking a lot of hot chocolate as desert. One of the best hot chocolate supplies that I ever set up was a crockpot hot chocolate bar. It was for a Holiday open house and is great for parties; although our current holiday season is missing that party element, there are 5 of us at my house - certainly enough to justify a small batch. I set up all the fixings next to the crock and let everyone assemble their own (the grown ups sometimes hit it with a splash of peppermint schnapps).

Here is a couple of recipe links to set up your own:

  1. Crockpot Hot Chocolate

  2. White Hot Chocolate (in case you have any non-chocoholics in your house).

With Love, Anne

P.S. Imagine making some of the Hot Chocolate Bombs from Stitchmas Day 11 to add to your fixings; super intensify your Hot Chocolate experience!

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