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Stitchmas Day 11!

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I don't really cook, nor do I enjoy it, but I do love to bake! Every year with my family we have a day dedicated to Christmas cookie baking, and we have our family favorites we have to make every year. This year I saw videos online about making Hot Chocolate Bombs, and now I'm determined to make them as gifts this year! I found a quick video on Youtube that shows the process:

Basically, you melt chocolate and pour it into a mold to make a shell, fill it with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, and whatever else you want, then seal it together into a ball, and decorate them however you want! When it's time to enjoy your hot chocolate, you drop it in a mug and pour hot milk over it, and the hot chocolate powder explodes out, so much fun!

My one problem is that I don't have a mold to make the chocolate in, and I also can't find one anywhere! All the ones I find online to order won't come until after Christmas, because apparently everyone wants to make hot chocolate bombs this year! If anyone knows where I can buy one in a store, or any ideas for somethings else I can use as a mold, let me know!

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