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Stitchmas Day 23!

As Stitchmas winds down and we narrow in to Christmas Day, I know it's totally normal to feel stressed out, tired, and overworked from the busy holiday season. We tend to spend so much time thinking about everyone else, we forget to take the time to take care of ourselves this time of year. What does self care during the holiday look like for you? Maybe it's treating yourself to a spa night. Maybe its settling in with a cup of cocoa and watching a Christmas movie.

I have a large family, and we have a lot of holiday traditions. As a somewhat introverted person, that much family interaction is both great and tiring. I like to take some time to be by myself before even more family craziness on the 25th, and for me, the best way to relax and unwind is wrapping gifts. I posted last year some gift wrap inspiration, and every year I like to pick a theme for my gift wrap. This year I found this adorable gift wrap from Walmart!

I'm going to go put on a Christmas Movie and settle in, all by myself, and wrap my gifts. I hope you take the time to do something nice just for yourself, and enjoy your day!


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