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The Great Stash Swap

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Bring everything that you have been thinking about clearing out of your stash. Maybe you have moved on from a color, yarn style, or a fiber. At The Great Stash Swap, you can trust that these yarny and textile goods can be sent to new, caring homes. This year we will welcome fabric, craft books and any other craft items that you have moved on from.

How it works:
Starting now, you can drop off yarn and other stash at the Studio during Drop-in hours. We will sort and prep the donations for the big event. Our Drop-in Hours are:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1-4pm
Fridays: 11-2pm
Saturdays: 12:30-3:30pm
Sundays: 2-5pm

How you can help:
-Bring the goods. Let's make room in our stashes for all of the new treasures that 2024 (and beyond) may hold.
-Spread the word. Everyone's stash needs a good airing out and we hope that as many textile lovers as can be get access to this opportunity. 
-If you have a chance to presort or tidy any unruly balls, then thanks in advance for the assist.
-Bring your reusable shopping bags when you visit The Great Stash Exchange.

When does it all go down:

Saturday, January 27th (4-5pm Members Only)

5-7pm: All are welcome!

Sunday, January 28th
11am-1pm: All are welcome!

Please note:
Anyone can come and take from the Exchange; it feels good to let go of objects that aren't a part of our creative journey anymore, especially with the promise of those things going home with someone who will now enjoy them. So, if you have 2000 balls of yarn to unload or you just need 2 balls to make a new project, then please come and partake. After The Great Stash Exchange, we will be donating the remainders.

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