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Wraaappin' Around the Christmas Treeee....Stitchmas Day 21

In my household, we start collecting presents in the early Fall, squirreling them away in closets, cupboards, and cubbies. So by the time Christmas comes, we often forget what was gotten and where we put it. I think next year, I will keep a spreadsheet like my husband, adding a "location hidden" column as a reminder. Each year, we tell ourselves that we'll start wrapping presents early; except the one year that we did that, we forgot what was wrapped and to whom it was intended to be given (very embarrassing). As we don't put presents under the tree until late night Dec 24th, we end up spending tired hours past midnight wrapping everything - I mean everything! My other half is a believer that even the stocking stuffers need pretty paper [side note - stocking presents come from "Santa", anything under the tree are from actual human loved ones in our lives].To keep us in Christmas cheer, we turn on the Bluetooth speaker, open the Amazon Music or Spotify app, and let the sounds of Christmas Classics fill our minds, while we wrestle with paper, tape, and why we never think to get a second pair of scissors (he hogs it on his side). Here's a couple of playlists to wrap by, or even just to enjoy!

- Karin

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