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The Twenty-Second Day of Stitchmas

How do I practice self care as we approach the final days and hours before Christmas?

  1. First and foremost, I take stock of what I can actually finish in the time remaining. Then, I forgive myself those things that just can't get done. You may wonder how I handle the unfinished presents. I usually only make for my nearest and dearest so there are always other presents to fill in. So, I have several strategies: save them for next year with the recipient none the wiser or I give promise notes (maybe with a picture of the hypothetical finished object) and finish in a big hurry as the new year unfurls.

  2. I try to get plenty of sleep. Especially on Christmas morning. Then, I am at my best for the special day. The early bedtime is best achieved by bubble bath, herbal tea, a good book, and cozy pajamas.

  3. I like to work on either a new cast on or neglected indulgent project strictly for myself on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I will have been focusing so much of my available creative time on making for others leading up to the day, my making turns to a gift for myself at that point.


If you need any last minute gifts, we still have a good selection in the boutique, online and in the studio. We can't ship in time for Christmas at this point but we offer free local pick up.

With love,


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