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The Seventh Day of Stitchmas

Our newest episode of our podcast, Strings Unraveled, came out yesterday. Our main topic is our most favorite local businesses. Each of us shared three of the local businesses that we really enjoy. Over the next few days, we are going to review our top choices each.

Living in a community such as ours, there are so many wonderful local businesses that create the landscape of Ventura County. It is actually really hard to narrow down a list of three to highlight.

Here goes the first three that I would like to share with you:

  1. Timbre Books , 1924 East Main Street, Ventura, 93001. It is so lovely to have a local independent bookstore in our community again. I really like to have a physical copy of the book that I select for our book club podcast and I try my best to purchase it at their store. They also participate in a really cool program called where you can shop for books online but purchase through Independent sellers. Each time I go in, everyone is very lovely and they are really good about fulfilling special orders. On Instagram: timbrebooks

2. Lovewell Tea & Coffee 2271 N. Ventura Ave, Ventura, 93001. This spot is essentially my local coffee shop. I love everything that they have done with this location. During my time living on this side of town, I have always known this to be a cafe and they took everything that was good and quadrupled it. The decor and seating are perfect. The drinks are delicious and the baked goods are over the moon. The ladies bring you your order and have really made this an inviting place to start your morning or recharge your afternoon. (Also, they know the power of an ampersand in a logo.) On Instagram: lovewellteaandcoffee

3. Grassroots Yoga 2280 East Main Street, Ventura 93001. I love this yoga studio. There is really not enough room or time to go into all the reasons. The highlights are as follows: the very full, all-day long class schedule (it is very likely that they have something that suits your schedule); warm and inviting staff and teachers; beautiful, clean studio space; clear rules and expectation; all executed and maintained with a sense of kindness, consistency, and mutual respect. They have a beautiful boutique in the Lobby with tons of thoughtfully selected and curated items. Most importantly they have an insanely good intro special going right now! On Instagram:

What are your favorite local businesses? Does your list match mine?

With love,



This year we also have a beautiful boutique of our own handmade goods available to be shipped or picked up locally. Use coupon code LOCALPICKUP to save the shipping and then we can coordinate pick up.

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