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The Second Day of Stitchmas!

Hey everyone, Kaity here! Welcome to Stitchmas Day 2! Yesterday, Anne shared some of her picks for great gifts for the sewer in your life, today I wanted to add a few more to the list and share my picks. When coming up with ideas for this post, I noticed a theme in the items I was coming up with, lets see if you can guess what the theme is by the end of this! I hope you find something perfect for the sewing enthusiast in your life, or for yourself!

1. A Tailor's Clapper

What is a Tailor's Clapper? Good question! I had never heard of one before, and last year I was gifted one at Christmas. A Tailor's Clapper is a piece of hardwood, that you use to press your seams super flat! When you are pressing a seam and hit it with some steam, you then rest the clapper on top, and as the wood absorbs the steam, it leaves the heat in the fabric to make your seams so neat and crisp! I have noticed quite a difference in the seams I press with my clapper, they are much flatter than without! This is the perfect gift for the quilter in your life who seams to have everything! You can pick them up from lots of different places online, the one pictured above is from Riley Blake.

2. A Wool Pressing Mat

Wool pressing mats are supposed to be the best thing for pressing when sewing! In all honesty, I have not tried one, but it's something that is definitely on my wish list. Pressing on a wool surface is supposed to cut your ironing time in half, because wool is a great insulator. It retains the heat from the iron, and releases it back into the fabric, so you are essentially pressing both sides of your fabric at the same time. They are also lightweight and portable, and come in lots of different sizes. The one pictured above is available on Amazon, and endorsed by SuzyQuilts!

3. A Cordless Iron

A cordless iron is so handy for sewers and quilters, because you don't have to worry about knocking anything over with the cord, or it getting tangled up and in your way. My cordless iron sits on my desk in it's charging dock all the time, and is so handy! I have used the above iron from Panasonic for YEARS. Someone gave it to me as a wedding gift almost 10 years ago, and it still works great. There are a number of different cordless irons on the market, but I will always recommend the Panasonic NI-l70SR.

Now, I'm going to guess that it probably wasn't too hard for you to figure out the theme of today's post. As a sewer and quilter, I do a lot of ironing and pressing, and having reliable tools is essential! If I weren't someone who sews, receiving and iron as a gift is honestly not very exciting, but the seamstress or quilter in your life will definitely appreciate it!

Happy Shopping!


PS: For other great gift ideas, check out our Handmade Holiday Boutique!

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