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Stitchmas Day 9 - Gifting Paper Art

For today's Stitchmas, let's talk gifting. There's a special beauty when water, paper, and color meet. Watercolor is mystical and magical, serene and dramatic. Today I'd like to share some of my favorite paper and watercolor artists. Whether it's a finished piece, or an online course, art makes great gifts.

Upper Left: painting by Leigh Anna Newell (on IG @nellandgrey and @leighannanewell). This was a piece that I commissioned from various photos of our local islands. Having never been near here, she captured the joy and feeling I get whenever I see Anacapa, and the details are so tiny. Her stamp-sized paintings are amazing!

Lower Left: The Plant Lady coloring book by Sarah Simon (@themintgardener). She has some great online classes for learning to paint in watercolor. Her soothing voice and whimsical food descriptions for the textures of the paint opens the door to watercolor art. If the idea of venturing into brushes and paint seems daunting, you could relax and enjoy her coloring book.

Lower Right: Paper flowers by Quynh Nguyen (@pinkandposey). Wow, that is not a painting, but crepe paper flowers! Also, they will be Karin's New Year obsession as she self-gifted for the holidays. Forget about silk flowers, Quynh's online classes will have you making timeless floral beauties of lilies, roses, daisies, and waaaay more! She is also the host of the Paper Talk podcast.

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