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Stitchmas Day 2 - Gift Wrap Inspo!

Hey everyone, Kaity here! One thing I love about the holiday season is wrapping gifts. To me it's like another craft I can fall in love with, and boy, do I! Every year, I try and choose a theme for my gift wrap, and this year I've been inspired by stamped wax seals and plain kraft paper! A simple search on Instagram with the hashtag #waxsealstamp reveals all the inspiration I could possibly need to get my creative juices flowing!

(Photos from @sea.and.paper, @fold_and_tie & @gnezdo_kukushki on Instagram)

Once all my gifts are gathered (or off my needles and sewing machine!), I can't wait to sit down with a Christmas movie on in the background and wrap my presents. Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?

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