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Stitchmas Day 17

Hey everyone! Since we're all stuck inside our homes this year, a lot more movies are getting watched, and I've given myself a little challenge of watching a Christmas Movie every day from December 1st through to Christmas. I've gotten through 14 movies, so I'm just a few behind, but I'm hoping to catch up!

I love Christmas movies, the cheesier the better! I thought I'd share a few of my favorites (some classics, some cheesy, some may be not considered traditional "Christmas" movies) and I'm hoping some of you reading this can give be recommendations and tell me your favorites, too! I'll also list where you can stream them, if possible.

  • White Christmas (1954, stream on Netflix)

  • The Muppet's Christmas Carol (1992, stream on Disney+)

  • Home Alone (1990, stream on Disney+)

  • The Christmas Gift (1986, stream on-demand on SpectrumTV)

  • Christmas with the Kranks (2004, stream on-demand on SpectrumTV)

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965, stream on AppleTV+)

  • Christmas Vacation (1989, stream on-demand on SpectrumTV)

  • Miracle on 34th Street (1994, rent on various platforms, not streaming for free)

  • Noelle (2019, stream on Disney+)

  • Little Women (1994, stream on Amazon Prime)

  • The Princess Switch (2018, stream on Netflix)

  • Last Holiday (2006, stream on-demand on SpectrumTV)

Now i'm going to go finish knitting up the rest of my Christmas gifts and watch a movie!


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