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Stitchmas Day 12!

Being poly-craftual, some of the enjoyment of each creative endeavor comes with the extras that go with that craft. When it comes to knitting, here are 3 things that would make me feel warm and glowy inside if I was gifted with them (aaaand I'd want to get them for my knitting besties, too):

1. a collection of interesting stitch markers, such as the ones from the Winemakers Sister on Etsy. I've been a fan of Heather's non-snag stitch markers for years! She has collections of stitch markers for just about every subject. Some of my favorites are the Steampunk, Film Noir, and garden-inspired ones (see Potting Shed, Verdigris Garden, and Victoria Garden). Being a fan of anything zombie, I still smile when I see the silver brains stitch marker from her walking dead-inspired collection hanging on my needles.

2. Enrollment in a yarn club, or other fiber-related limited subscription (or even a gift certificate to an indie dyer), such as The Society for Tea Drinkers and Fiber Makers by Robin of Birch Hollow Fibers. Who doesn't like to get fun boxes in the mail? Here's what the Society is about, per Robin:

"The Society for Tea Drinkers and Fiber Makers was born on an especially reclusive night, filled with knitting, tea, and a crime drama.

Community is very important, and I know that for some of us finding our community and navigating it can be difficult for various reasons. My hope is that we can build a community from the comfort of our blankets and crafts, and maybe one day we can have a cozy meetup with tea and treats.

The Fiber Society for Tea Drinkers and Fiber Makers will be a bi-monthly virtual tea party and craft time."

I love knitting. I love tea. I love crime drama! I'm all about this club!

3. This last item is on my fantasy money-is-no-object wish list. Remember those Sears-Robuck Christmas Wish Books? The ones where, as a child, you circled all the things you dreamed about having, but kinda knew in your heart that it wasn't going to happen? This next thing would be the circled in red, stars and smiling faces drawn around it, and the page dog-earred so I could easily find it again to keep dreaming about it. It's the ultimate knitting machine, the Bumblebee by Erlbacher Knitting Machines (sighs dreamily). Hey, even in my knitting fantasies, I don't need to super deluxe model. The Basic Bumblebee would still be amazing. Just imagine all the socks and hats you could crank out with this awesome machine! I'd fly through my fingering stash! Socks for everyone!

Merriest of Knitting!


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