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Sixteenth Day of Stitchmas

Let's talk about crochet! What to give the hookers in your life?

I have some ideas...

1. I love these hooks. Knitter's Pride Zing Crochet Hooks. The head of the hook glides beautifully and they come in lovely colors, all nestled in their case. Check your LYS but they can also be found at and on Amazon. (They are available individually which would make excellent stocking stuffers.)

2. How about some gorgeous stitch markers or stitch keepers? Below is the work of a particular Etsy seller whose sets are adorable. There are many more handcrafted sets on that site. Make sure that the markers you select are a clasp, locking ring, or split ring style.

3. This idea may seem on the nose...but how about yarn from a favorite dyer. Here are links to 3 more that I adore: LolaBean Yarn Co, Plank & Stella, and Mothy & the Squid.

With love,


P.S. Lots of handmade at our boutique, online or in the studio.

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