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On the 18th day of Stitchmas, it's Books, Hooks, and Nooks!

They aren't raindrops on roses, or whiskers on kittens, but here are a few of my favorite crochet things:


Practically everything you need to know to learn Tunisian Crochet can be found in this book. Besides all the essentials for Tunisian crochet, you'll also find traditional crochet basics, a stitch guide, extra techniques for building skills, and a collection of wonderful designs to practice your skills on.

From gorgeous accessories like patchwork scarves, leopard-print cowls and cute gingham bags to fun bathmats and luxe Christmas stockings for the home, there are 15 useful and beautiful makes. With advice on yarns, detailed stitch descriptions and step-by-step photo instructions, the projects are accessible to all, including beginners.


If you haven't noticed a pattern yet, I'm very enthusiastic about Tunisian crochet. Here are two sets of hooks; one practical and one outlandish, both are awesome smooth and have nice, sharp, hooks:

Made with the same strong layers of laminated birch and incandescent array of color as our Radiant Wood needles, these colorful interchangeable crochet hooks are ideal for Tunisian crochet and will have you ready to start your next project whenever inspiration strikes! Simply attach one of our interchangeable cables to the end of the Radiant Interchangeable Crochet Hook, attach the cable cap to the opposite end of the cable to keep your stitches securely on the cable and you're ready for Tunisian crochet. By combining a versatile range of interchangeable hook sizes with cables* available in 24" all the way up through 60", you'll be able to create everything from scarves and shawls to blankets and throws.

While not a set (they are $40 each), these hooks are luxury defined. The signature hook head has been carved into a solid aluminum shaft, and these hooks warm up in your hand and stay warm!

After carving and polishing, the needles have been bead blasted - tiny glass beads are applied at high pressure to remove imperfections in the aluminum. The result is a matte finish that is even slicker than our needles, with zero glare.

Even just one of these hooks makes an extra special gift!

NOOKS (places to store your stuff)

Originally meant for scrapbook storage, it's deep enough to hold your yarn, wide enough to keep your pattern without folding, and the clear case makes it easy to see your project. I like that I can stack them or store them on a shelf (my favorite way) sideways, pulling then out like books at a library when I want to work on a particular project.

" A home for everything, and everything in it's home." My friend has this motto, and while I may not apply this as often as I should in my creative space, I'm learning that it is a necessity when it's comes to storing my hooks. It can be frustrating to know that you have a particular size of hook and not be able to find it.

I'm in the habit-forming process of returning my hooks to their case after completion of a project, thus reducing future frustrations. Having a case to organize your hooks will save time do that when your fingers are dancing to begin them next project, your hooks will be ready.

With crochet love,


P.S Lots of handmade at our boutique, online or in the studio.

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