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O Stitchmas Tree! - Day 12

There's something extra special about a hand-made ornament. Our (Karin's) tree is a festive hodge-podge of memorable treasures, from paper ornaments made by the kids when they were little, ornaments commemorating firsts such as our first married Christmas, babies' first Christmases, and others; and years of bulbs gathered from various travels, brought out each year like a 3-dimensional scrapbook. With so many ways to create a decorative bauble, here are 4 different techniques to make your own unique treasure:

Upper Right - Crochet....Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree by Poppy and Bliss

Lower Left - Knit....Merrymaking Ornaments by Tina Tse Knits

Lower Middle - Cross Stitch....Pen Pals No. 215 Christmas Eve Delivery by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Lower Right - No Sew Quilted Ornament by The Spruce Crafts (photo by Karin Wilmoth)

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