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Merry Stitchmas Day 18 - Earth-friendly Wrapping Paper Alternatives

You might be as surprised to find out that the sparkly, shiny wrapping paper that looks so pretty under the lights of our tree isn't recyclable. That's because it is often laminated with plastic, foil, or other non-paper materials; not to mention the little pieces of sticky tape used to keep it on the intended gift.

Today's post is about wrapping alternatives that look nice and are either recyclable or reusable. In a circle from the upper middle: Hallmark offers a sustainable wrapping paper in earth-friendly inks; brown recycled craft paper and plant-based ink stamps (my choice this year using saved brown packing paper collected throughout the year); Flowering Seeded Gift Wrap - super cool, as you can plant the bio-degradable paper in the Spring and have flowers come up - the gift that keeps giving. The final offering is the Japanese art of fabric wrapping known as Furoshiki. I might reserve this last method for the recipient who will also appreciate the gift of fabric. Not shown, but also wrapping classics are old maps, the shiny inside of cleaned potato chip bags, and newspaper; particularly the comics, or other favorite section. Most newspapers are printed in plant-based inks and on recycled paper.

While it's probably too late to order any of these materials online, a few of these options can still be sourced local to you.

- Karin

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