This is your payment and request to join a Virtual Drop-In Help session.


During our normal Drop-In times:

Tuesday: 1-4pm with Kaity

Wednesday (EVERY OTHER): 6-8pm with Anne

Thursday: 1-4pm with Kaity

Friday: 10-1pm with Karin

Saturday: 12:30-3:30pm with Anne

Sunday: 2-5pm with Karin


We will be hosting our video calls via Skype. Download the Skype app on your phone, or on a computer with a webcam. You do not need to sign up for a Skype account if you don't want, you will still be able to use the service. We will still be charging our normal $10 drop-in fee for non-members for using this service.

Once we receive your payment, we will email you with a link that you will click on, and it will bring you into the video chat (please make sure you have the Skype app downloaded before you click the link).

We know being stuck at home is no fun, especially if you are stuck on your current knitting or crochet project and need help. We're here for you (virtually)!

Virtual Drop-In Help


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