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Karin Wilmoth


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NOTE: You have signed up for an Independent Study class. That means you have access to the video playlist for this class, and any handouts or patterns that pertain to this class. You can watch the videos and learn at your own pace, without supervision from the instructor. If you hit any snags or need any clarification, please email the instructor using the contact information above. Thanks!

Foundation Paper Piecing is a way of making pictures with fabric without the use of applique. Using paper to stabilize the fabric makes it easier to work with small sections of material and provides support to any bias edges.  You’ll find that your intersections will be crisp and neat. 

In this class, we’ll be using a simple pattern from Lillyella Stitchery (with permission), walking through each step, and picking up tips as we go.  The pattern offers three choices to work from, but we’ll start with the simplest - Pepper.


Skills Required: Comfortable sewing a straight seam and know how to thread a sewing machine.

Intro to Foundation Paper Piecing Independent Study

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