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Instructor Karin Wilmoth
Skill Level 2: You know how to chain, single, and double crochet


NOTE: This is an Independent Study class. That means you will have access to the video playlist for this class, and any handouts or patterns that pertain to this class. You can watch the videos and learn at your own pace, without supervision from the instructor. If you hit any snags or need any clarification, please email the instructor using the contact information above. Thanks!


This cowl is inspired by the warrior tabards worn by the team of women who serve as the special forces for the fictional African nation of Wakanda, the Dora Milaje. It starts with a square motif with a combination of half double crochet sts and puff sts. Chevrons are worked on opposite sides of the center pattern. The ends are joined in the corners with a decorative button, and it can be worn in multiple ways.

Independent Study: Dora Milaje Cowl

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