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Karin Wilmoth


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NOTE: You have signed up for an Independent Study class. That means you have access to the video playlist for this class, and any handouts or patterns that pertain to this class. You can watch the videos and learn at your own pace, without supervision from the instructor. If you hit any snags or need any clarification, please email the instructor using the contact information above. Thanks!


Bavarian crochet is a fairly new term for an antique circular crochet motif that is worked in two rows. The first row is a series of clusters, and the second row is a series of shell stitches worked into the post below the stitch. This creates a fantastic texture in your work that you don’t usually see. While the stitch can be done all in one color, it has amazing eye appeal when done in multiple colors. 

Looking more complicated than it is, you’ll find the fun in the simple 2-row repetition. Combined with a self-striping yarn, you won’t want to put it down.


Skills Required: You know all the skills in level 2, at least one increase and decrease, are comfortable crocheting in the round and understand general crochet abbreviations.

Crochet Skill Builder: Bavarian Crochet -Independent Study

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