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This product is only available for LOCAL PICKUP and will not be available to be shipped.

These cozy support pillows are perfect for supporting your arms and projects, whether you are sitting on a couch, chair, or in bed. The pieces were first quilted before being cut out and sewn together. They are firmly stuffed with shredded memory foam, and then hand-stitched closed.

By keeping your project, book, or tablet raised and supported, the angle of your neck is also raised, potentially reducing strain. It makes a great gift!

Choose from:

Floral Microknit fabric - this special Bamboo Lycra fabric has a velvety touch and is from the Maui painter & texture artist Julia Allison Cost. Her canvas paintings are transferred into textiles. $110


Woven Batik fabric $72

--Local Pickup--

Use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP at checkout to remove shipping costs, then email us to arrange a pickup time.

Cozy Quilted Support Pillow

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