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Instructor: Anne Lecrivain
Contact: , 805-815-6288
Skill Level: 3

Class Price: $24
Autumn is a time of constant change, some gradual and subtle and some abrupt and swift. The weather cooling and nature is metamorphizing along with the chilling air. In SoCal, it always seems to be the hottest as the days melt into each other and we anticipate that cooler air. Suddenly, it arrives sweet and crisp. I found that fall turnover is even an actual term that refers to the lower lake levels mixing with the upper layer of water in a relatively short window of time, evidenced by the biosphere (especially fish) of the body of water both slowly shifting and, then, swiftly changing rhythms to prepare for the changing temperatures. In a time of change and dropping temperatures, I give you a hat that is reversible, filled with engaging technique, offering both brioche and double knitting, and
reflects the beautiful light and colors of autumn.

Autumn Turnover Hat - INDEPENDENT STUDY

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