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Date & Time: Sundays, Oct. 1 and 8, 9-11a

Instructor: Anne Lecrivain


Skill Level: 3

Class Price: $60

To quote the designer of the Waylen Hat, Sarah Korth, “Is there such a thing as too much texture and color? I think not – ha ha! That’s why I’m so excited for my Waylen Hat! Very texture-ful, but not over the top, it can be made in one or many, many colors. Unisex and available in brimmed or brimless styles, this hat has options that will please everyone…it works up super quickly, and is perfect for donating to any cause! This pattern includes instructions for a one color or two color hat with instructions and yardage estimates for a rainbow or scrappy hat. All color combinations include instructions for brimmed and brimless styles.”

Waylen Crochet Hat

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