Ultimate Tote Bag Class

Date & Time

Monday and Tuesday, August 9 & 10, 6-9pm


Kaity Von Rader-Fraker



Skill Level

Sewing Level 3 (see skills required below)


I wanted to try my hand at designing a sewing pattern for a tote bag, and it morphed into what I consider my perfect tote. It has lots of pockets on the outside, a hidden zippered pocket on the inside, a recessed zipper closure so I can keep everything inside safe, and it’s large enough to carry my laptop, knitting project, and maybe a book with me! Put one together for yourself and see all the good stuff you can fill it with!


Skills Required:

Sewing Level 3: Comfortable sewing a straight seam and know how to thread a sewing machine, and are ready for new challenges!

Ultimate Tote Bag Class