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Make Your Own Mystery Doodle Project
Date & Time Fridays, Feb 2, 1, Mar 1, 15; 2:30pm-4pm
Instructor Karin Wilmoth
Skill Level 2                Class Price $90

Jamie Lomax at Pacific Knit Co is simply a genius. She has created sets of interchangeable colorwork charts in a variety of themes in easy-to-use card decks. All of the charts use multiples of 24, so you
can literally shuffle the cards, pick any card to make your own mystery projects, and they will turn out beautifully! You can even mix decks. The possibilities are endless and these charts make great
The focus of this class is to make our own stress-free mystery knit projects, choosing chart cards at random, and working them into our projects. You can make a Single Layer Cowl, an Infinity Cowl, a
Reversible Cowl, a Basic Hat, or a pair of Socks*. Along the way, I’m here to help you with any parts of the project in which you need assistance.
*If you choose to make socks, note that this is NOT a 1st sock class. Some basic sock-making knowledge is presumed.

Skills Required: Knitting - You know how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off.

Make Your Own Mystery Doodle Project

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