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Date/Time Saturdays, Apr 6, 13, 20; 4pm-6pm

Instructor Karin Wilmoth


Skill Level 2 Class Price $90


Tunisian crochet produces a woven-like fabric, often thought of as a fusion of knitting and crochet. Some stitches are unique to Tunisian crochet; but some stitches such as Double Crochet and TrebleCrochet (US terms) will be familiar to crocheters, while others like the Tunisian Knit and Purl sts will look familiar to knitters, though they are created differently. In this class, you’ll learn the Foundation Row,Tunisian Simple St, Tunisian Knit St, Tunisian Full St, Tunisian Purl St, and how to bind off. From these basics, a whole world of new sts can be worked on in later projects; but for this class we will be working on swatches.

Learn to Tunisian Crochet (Apr 2024)

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