Improve Your Knitting

Date & Time

Saturday, January 16th, 10am ON ZOOM


Kaity Von Rader-Fraker


Skill Level

Level 2


As a knitting teacher, I help students all the time with basic skills that they still find a bit mysterious. In this class, I will go over how to perfect some basic techniques. We’ll learn how and where to pick up stitches, how to weave in ends in different stitch patterns and scenarios, how to join your work in the round neatly, and how to join new yarns, both at the beginning and the end of rows.


What is a Video Class: 

You have received this handout because you paid for a VIDEO CLASS  from Strings & Things Studio. Below is a link to a private playlist of YouTube videos exclusive to students of this class. Read through this handout, do any homework noted in the “Homework” section, then take your time watching and studying the videos. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. Then, on the date and time specified above, I will send you a link to a private Zoom chat with me and everyone else who registered for this class. This is your chance to get one-on-one clarification on anything, show me your work, etc. NOTE: These video chat sessions may be recorded and shared with any student who is unable to attend the zoom chat.

Improve Your Knitting Video Class


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