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365 days of Color: Make a Knit or Crochet Temperature Blanket

Date & Time: Sunday*, Jan 28; 5:30pm-7:30pm; and Saturdays, Feb 24, Mar 23, Apr 27; 4pm-6pm

*Jan only - then every 4th Sat monthly

Instructor Karin Wilmoth


Skill Level 2  Class Price $120**


A temperature blanket is a chronicle of a year in yarn. Create a range of temperatures and assign a color to each range (called a “color gauge”), and you will crochet or knit rows on your blanket to represent each day in its assigned color. I know this sounds daunting, but I’ve created simple 1-row (crochet) or 4-row (knit) per day patterns that will help you track the high (crochet blanket) or high & low (knit blanket) temps for each day.

It’s like signing up for a 365-day marathon that requires tracking temps, curating colors, and maintaining momentum throughout the seasons; but hopefully I’ve made it an easy stroll, not a sprint. Remember, the year isn’t limited to Jan-Dec, so anytime you start is a good time to start. The blanket is worked in Sport wt yarn in four 3-month blocks, each quarter-block measuring 39” x 39”. Once a quarter-block is complete, it is rotated, stitches are picked up along the side, and the next quarter-block is started. When the last quarter-block is complete, there will only be a half seam to sew it all together. You can also choose to make 4 separate quarter-blocks and seam them together in the finishing to make this project more portable.

The finished size is approx 78” square.


**The class fee is for a 4-mo block of rotating class sessions.  If you decide to start after the initial month, your fee will still be for 4 sessions. For example, you sign up in Feb, then your class fee will be for Feb-May. Feel free to email the innstructor, if you have questions.


Skills Required: Level 2

Crocheting - You know how to chain, single, and double crochet.

Knitting - You know how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off.

365 Days of Color: Make a Crochet or Knit Temperature Blanket

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