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Stitchmas Day 9!

It's the 9th day of Stitchmas, and I'm sharing some of my favorite small local businesses you can support this holiday season, whether you are making for someone else or doing a little self-care. As a small businesses, we appreciate your support and want to spread the love to some of the other local places that we love to shop. I hope you enjoy my three picks:

1. Skincare by Cheryl, Ventura, CA

Besides being an amazing knitter/multi-talented crafter, Cheryl is passionate about skincare. If you are like me, a victim of self-induced brow over-tweezing, then you need to go to Cheryl. What she does for your skin is nothing short of miraculous, and it's even better if you see her regularly. After shopping and making for everyone else, be sure to treat yourself in a spa-like atmosphere as your skin is refreshed. Your skin and your spirit will thank you! Also, be sure to check out her Instagram page. She keeps her knowledge fresh with innovative techniques. You can text her at (805) 890-6555 for appointment availability.

2. Rabelais Bistro, Santa Paula, CA

There is a distinct difference between a local coffee shop and chain-brand coffee. My favorite time is just after opening (7am) to get the best espresso ever. The beans are also from a local roaster, so getting your morning java at Rabalais helps two local business - a twofer! While I have to be gluten-free and cannot partake of their beignets, my family will attest to how delicious they are. My other favorites are the Shrimp & grits, and the Bayou Benedict (minus the toasted French toast, but you could have it). Family owned and operated, it's a little slice of New Orleans in downtown Santa Paula.

3. Fabrictown USA, Ventura, CA

When I moved here in the early 90s, they had already been here for 20 years. Fabrictown USA has everything from fancy to upholstery fabrics, buttons, zippers, and other notions. They have all kinds of yarn and needlepoint kits, and the most important thing - very knowledgeable employees! They can help you with just about any kind of sewing, quilting, fabric-related question and will find it out if they don't know the answer. Their welcome statement is 100% accurate, and the quality of their fabrics are top-shelf! They were the first fabric store that I went to when I moved here, and love 'em still.

Happy Local-Spreading-the-Love Shopping!


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